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Genuine silver and gold

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Powerful Nordic design mixes with vintage romance in this beautiful necklace. Two 8 mm large crystals in the colors Black Diamond and Graphite provide a fabulous glitter. The crystals are framed by a chain with round links that give the pendant a unique look. The necklace is made of 24-karat gold-plated silver. The pendant is 45 mm long and the associated chain is 1 mm in width, choose between short and long chain (see picture for lengths). If a different color combination is desired, use the function Design by You or see more ready-made variants in the collection Hervor.


Match with Hervor Regal Crystal Golden Earrings

Hervor Regal Crystal Golden Necklace - Twilight

  • Meet Hervor, a kings daughter and shieldmaiden. With inspiration from an Icelandic legend, we have created jewelry for women with an unyielding will who go their own way and follow their own faith. Jewelery full of strength, mystery and royal brilliance. Arm yourself for the day with Hervors jewelery and feel Strong and Beautiful!

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