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Grainy Surface

Wouldn't it be great if the jewelery I make today is sold as vintage jewelery in a hundred years! Here you will find tips and tricks to extend the life of your jewelry.

Quick facts:

- Put on the jewelery last and take it off first

- Crystals and crystal pearls are sensitive to water, take the jewelry off before showering or bathing 

- Clean with a dry and soft cloth

- Jewelry without crystals / crystal pearls can be cleaned environmentally friendly with baking powder, see film below

The better you take care of your jewelry, the longer they will last. Follow our care instructions to keep your jewelry shining.

First of all - leave the jewelry outside the bathroom. All jewelery last longer if avoiding water, soap, shampoo, perfume, hair spray and skin care products, but jewelery with pearls and crystals is extra sensitive. Always remove such jewelry before showering or bathing and remove rings when washing hands or washing dishes. The reason is that both pearls and crystals lose their luster and can detach from the jewelry with prolonged contact with water. If a pearl or crystal has detached - contact us and we will be happy to mount a new one.

A good rule is to put on your jewelry last and take it off first.  

Our jewelry in gold, rose gold and rhodium is plated, which means that the precious metal lies as a surface layer over the jewelry. This surface layer is worn over time. To protect the plating, avoid contact with hard materials and keep the jewelry protected. Underneath the plating in our jewelry, however, there is always sterling silver. This means that when the plating has been worn off, you have a beautiful silver jewelery that can be polished over and over again.

Clean your jewelry by polishing it with a dry and soft cloth. Is more cleaning necessary? See the film below with environmentally friendly jewelry cleaning. The jewelry in the film is our earrings Hervor Tirfing, made in sterling silver plated with 24K gold but it works just as well for non-plated jewelry in sterling silver. Like for all polishing, some of the gold plating will vanish with this treatment. The advantage with our jewelry is however that beneath the plating is sterling silver. When all the gold has worn off, you have a beautiful piece of silver jewelry that can be polished over and over again - using the same method. The powder used in the film is regular baking powder and you also need aluminum foil. The foil can be kept for your next jewelry cleaning or is recycled as metal. Tip - this also works splendidly on silver cutlery.

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