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Boxing star Frida Wallberg launches her first jewelry collection "Altid Little Till" in exclusive collaboration with Tångring925!


When I was little, my father said "Frida, no matter how bad or how hard it is, you always have something left to give." I have competed and lived by those words. Always A Little More.


I never give up. That's why boxing was so perfect for me. I could always take a little more.


There is nothing more important to me than my children. After the knock and brain damage in 2013, it was for my daughter Nellie that I fought. Now I also have Luna and Milton. Today it is for them that I always give a little more.


These earrings are so comfortable to wear. I really like them.


As a boxer, I was called the Golden Girl. The design of the jewelry reminds me of that. Also, these golden crystals are really pretty.

I am extremely proud that Frida Wallberg, Sweden's best female boxer of all time, chose Tångring925 for this collaboration. Frida is an absolutely wonderful person who kind of fills the room with her energy and presence. My children describe her as impressive, "it looks like she's a world champion, mom". Frida's jewelry forms an exclusive collection in 24-carat gold-plated silver with sparkling crystals in the color Golden Shadow and charms with Frida's motto. Jewelry to wear as a reminder of the successes you have achieved and to draw strength from when life feels tough​. Never give up. Or as Frida says:

Always A Little More

/Nina Tångring

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