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Genuine silver and gold

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Dangerously seductive - a piece of jewelery from our Atropa collection adds extra glamor to any outfit. The charms in the form of belladonna are, like the necklace, of sterlingsilver 925 and hold a shining crystal pearl. All chains are 1 mm wide.


Chain length

Short chain: Can be buttoned to any length between 38-43 cm. The charms then end up nicely at the neck pit or just below.

Long chain: Gives an exclusive look. Can be buttoned to any length between 70-75 cm.


All chains have Tångring925's logo as a finish.

ATROPA Belladonna Silver Necklace

Select design
  • Our beautiful goddess Atropa is gentle, kind and mysterious. She watches over all the forest's animals and plants and wears jewelry inspired by nature. Atropa's concern for all living things makes the choice of pearls easy - they are made of the finest crystal, so no mussels will be harmed.

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