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A real statement ring and eyecatcher! This ring has been inspired by the Atropa Belladonna plant and its dangerously seductive berries. The ring, which is made of sterling silver, holds an 8 mm pearl in the color Eden Green and an 8 mm crystal. The ring is adjustable in size. Want a different crystal color? Use the function Design by you.

ATROPA Belladonna Green Pearl Silver Ring

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  • Our beautiful goddess Atropa is gentle, friendly and mysterious. She watches over all the forest's animals and plants and wears jewelry inspired by nature. Choose from fabulous pearl jewelry depicting the Atropa Belladonna plant, playful hummingbirds, graceful feathers and sparkling flowers. Her concern for all living things makes the choice of pearls easy - they have a core of crystal, so no mussels are harmed.

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