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Frida Wallberg

Boxing star Frida Wallberg launches her first jewelry collection in exclusive collaboration with Tångring925. Wear Frida's jewelry as a reminder of the successes you have achieved and draw strength from them when life feels tough. Never give up. As Frida says: "Alltid Lite Till", Always a little bit  more.

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Our beautiful goddess Atropa is gentle, kind and mysterious. She watches over all the animals and plants in the forest and wears jewelry inspired by nature. Choose from fabulous pearl jewelery depicting the plant Atropa Belladonna, ornate feathers and glittering flowers. Her concern for all living things makes the choice of pearls easy - they are made of the finest crystal, so no mussels will be harmed.



She walks with angels by her side and carries her father's mythical sword Tirfing. Meet Hervor, our king's daughter and shield maiden. Inspired by an Icelandic legend, we have created jewelry for women with unbridled will who go their own way and follow their own faith. Jewelry full of strength, mystery and royal splendor. Get ready for the day with Hervor's jewelery and feel Strong and Beautiful!

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Meet our beautiful nymphs, the Najads! The Najads live in lakes and streams and wear crystal-adorned jewelry, as sparkling as the clearest water. The Najads are playful and happy. They love glitter and glamor and their jewelry comes in all the colors of the rainbow.



Dive in to the oceans and discover our sunken treasures inspired by the Nereids, the daughters of the sea god Nero. They ruled over different parts of the sea and together formed the court of the sea god Poseidon. The Nereids were known to be helpful to sailors in distress and symbolized all that was wonderful and beautiful about the sea.

Wear a piece of jewelery from our NEREID collection and become one with the sea.

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