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"The way home" Acrylic on canvas. Size 61x50 cm.


A quote from the Swedish celebrity Kristin Kaspersen can describe this painting: "The road is not always straight, but full of experiences. If I choose the right thought and have a goal that is possible to achieve, I will reach what I want. I do not have to look back. The past is there, and I take what I have learned and look forward but beeing present in every step. Every step is worth enjoying. And the journey itself is what fills life with so much. I'll reach my goal eventually, I want to enjoy what's happening now. "


The painting is inspired by a song text written by the Ida Winterhaven and the motif comes from my home town in Sweden, Järvsö ❄


The painting is available for viewing in Jönköping and is delivered without a frame and hanging device.

Vägen hem [The way home]

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  • Acrylic

    Canvas in 100% cotton on a wedge frame in wood

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