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Always genuine silver and gold

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Summery cute bracelet / ankle bracelet with the finest charms! Two starfish, two seahorses and a seashell with a 6 mm crystal bead adorn a three mm wide chain. Both the link and the charms are made of stamped sterling silver.


The bracelet can be buttoned to any length up to 21 cm but is designed to be buttoned between 18-21 cm.


Order the jewelry as an ankle bracelet is length 23-28 cm. 


Do you want the jewelry in a different length or in child size? Get in touch and we will be happy to arrange it 💕

NEREID Ocean Silver Bracelet / Anklet

  • In Greek mythology, the Nereids were the daughters of the sea god Nero. They ruled over different parts of the sea and together formed the court of the sea god Poseidon. The Nereids were known to be helpful to sailors in distress and symbolized all that was wonderful and beautiful about the sea.


    Wear a piece of jewelery from our NEREID collection and become one with the sea.

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