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As taken from Poseidon's palace, with these shiny sterling silver earrings, you will be the center of the party. Each earring is adorned with three seashells, each holding a 6 mm large pearl, as well as three 8 mm large pearls and a teardrop-shaped pearl of 15x8 mm. The earrings are about 85 mm long and weigh about 10 grams each. Choose between stylish ear hooks and pin earrings adorned with an 8 mm large, clear / colorless crystal. Both ear hooks and pin earrings come with silicone studs which make the earrings fit securely.


"Clams are like people. You can not tell by looking at the outside which ones holds true beauty inside." Our seashell-adorned jewelry symbolizes inner beauty and is a perfect gift for yourself or someone you love. "/ Nina Tångring

NEREID Mermaid Crystal Earrings

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  • The Nereids in Greek mythology were the daughters of the sea god Nerus. They ruled over different parts of the sea and together formed the court of the sea god Poseidon. The Nereids were known to be helpful to sailors in distress and symbolized all that was wonderful and beautiful about the sea.  


    Wear a piece of jewelery from our NEREID collection and become one with the sea. 

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