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Genuine silver and gold

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Wear the colors of the sea with these beautiful earrings in blue-green tones. The earrings are each decorated with a drop-shaped crystal in the color Majestic Blue and three 8 mm crystals in the colors Majestic Blue , Aquamarine and Chrysolite. The earrings are 70 mm long but, despite their length, weigh only three grams each, which makes them very comfortable to wear. Small ear nuts in silicone are included for secure attachment.


Would you like the earrings in a different color combination? Use the function Design by You .

NAJAD Glamour Silver Earrings - Colours of the Ocean

  • Meet our beautiful nymphs, the Naiads! The Naiads live in lakes and streams and wear crystal jewels, as sparkling as the clearest water. The Naiads are exuberant and happy. They love glitter and glamor and their jewelery comes in all the colors of the rainbow.

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